Who Needs Estate Planning?

Who Needs Estate Planning?

Why it is so important and not just for the rich.

Provided by Beall Barclay Wealth Management

You have an estate. It doesn't matter how limited (or unlimited) your means may be, and it doesn't matter if you own a mansion or a motor home.

Perspectives 1Q18

The latest issue of Perspectives features tips for bringing your estate plan to life and information about socially responsible investing. To read this issue, click here.

Life Insurance Products with Long Term Care Riders

Life Insurance Products with Long Term Care Riders

Are they worthwhile alternatives to traditional LTC policies?

Provided by Beall Barclay Wealth Management

Quarterly Economic Update for 4Q20717

 Quarterly Economic Update for 4Q2017


Perspectives 4Q2017

The latest issue of Perspectives features a reminder about maintaining focus during periods of volatility and highlights reasons to consider investing in international equities. Click here to read this issue.

Quarterly Economic Update for Q1, 2017

Weekly Economic Update for April 3, 2017

Life Insurance and Annuities for True Lifetime Protection

It is not often that the topics of life insurance and annuities are brought up in the same discussion, primarily because they serve two very distinct purposes. Although they are both products of life insurance companies, life insurance policies are protection against dying too soon, and annuities are protection against living to long.

Monthly Economic Update for June, 2015

Can You Raise Your SSI By Reapplying for Benefits?

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